I’ve tried raising this issue before, and I wish Democrats would listen.

The typical Hispanic, who may have migrated in the last few years or his parents many years ago would probably be considered MORE conservative than most would like, this from experience where the joke “I’m from the government, and I’m here to help you,.” has a history that is much nastier than what the average American might have experienced.  That is the tendency is to be suspicious of government involvement.  We are fortunate to have Donald Trump throwing away such a foothold, but let’s take it.!!  By this I mean there is a real reason to reflect on many positions we take and consider their effects on this new largest minority.


The point is made that black and hispanic voters will outnumber whites in our southern neighbor, Texas, by 2032, and possibly 2028.  These are voters who are already born, indeed approaching teenage years.  That is, I’m talking about present day citizens, not future migrants.

Joe Murphey

Hispanic voters need to be considered!!

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