Herd on the Hill Herd on the Hill is a group of District of Columbia residents devoted to advocacy on Capitol Hill on behalf of their fellow citizens outside DC. Marc Levitt, founder of Herd on the Hill, has taken a modest step into this breech by serving as proxy for friends and relatives unable to get through. Marc collects their letters and delivers them by hand to their respective representatives on Capitol Hill, and has inspired many other District of Columbia residents to do the same.

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Oklahoma Assets Network
Oklahoma Assets Network (OAN) promotes policies that help all of us save and invest for the future. Policies that empower Oklahomans who are striving to get ahead encourage not only responsible stewardship of public funds, but responsible stewardship within families. Oklahoma Assets Network (OAN) members are experienced and committed professionals from a broad range of fields, including non-profit and for-profit organizations, government agencies, and American Indian Nations.

Scholars Strategy Network
Oklahoma SSN encourages collaboration between scholars at universities and state-level policy groups to benefit the public good. This network, based in Tulsa, is particularly invested in environmental legislation to ensure a greener, safer Sooner State for all.