Questions about how our Federal Government works? Wondering about the power and authority of the President? His Secretaries? The Federal Courts? How has our Nation’s Government developed?

A Basic Introduction to How Our Federal Government Works

The Constitution of the United States of America

The Bill of Rights

The Bill of Rights and Amendments to the Constitution

Writing Rights: The Bill of Rights How did the Founders write the Bill of Rights? Explore key historical documents that inspired the Founders during their drafting process as well as the drafts and proposals for each amendment. Follow the twists and turns as the Founders deliberated and, sometimes, disagreed, on their path to the final text. See what “could have been” had the Founders followed a different path.

Exploring Rights Around the World What rights does the United States share with other countries around the world? At least 32 separate rights are found in the United States Constitution; explore which other countries have adopted similar rights.