I’ve noted in meetings before that this is the voting demographic that should never be overlooked. Hispanics will be the dominate ‘swing’ block in Texas as soon as 2024. Oklahoma and many other states will follow. Hispanics (both legal and emigration challenged — we’ve got to get away from tagging the group as ‘criminals’ . I welcome a good alternative tag. In many cases the ‘crime’ is a misdemeanor.

The Kochs have a message for Hispanics: Not all Republicans are like Trump




Joe Murphey on Koch Brother’s Efforts to sway Hispanics

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2 thoughts on “Joe Murphey on Koch Brother’s Efforts to sway Hispanics

  1. J
    Mar 20
    to Joe, GARY, 14, 16, 3, 3, 33, 33, 4, me, 8, Joe, Tina
    Let us hope this $1000 doesn’t destroy the moral fiber of those people.

    Koch’s got to sell what I’m in their wagon. Tax cut is it now.

    Always pitched as “economic freedom” meaning property rights tump all other rights.

    Did you know that freedom to discriminate in employment lowers the wages of minorities, which makes them more economivally competitive in the job market. Thus discrimination increases minority employment.


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