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From The Atlantic Feb.9th. A Republican fringe nut who even Mr. Fair would disown. But he’s their candidate, so let’s assume that Mr. Trump will endorse him. Like good old Roy Moore. Other Republicans came around and decided that Moore was better than a Democrat. May we be so lucky again.

How a Nazi Made the Ballot in Illinois

I know that Gary is working on a column about the departure of Rob Porter from the White House staff, and add this amusing link. The White House received reports of Mr. Porter’s wife-beating reputation from the FBI. Probably because we all know the unreliability of that agency, these were ignored and Mr Porters security clearance was merely bumped down a notch or two. Good generals only announce firings when the press releases pictures. Then they tell everyone what really happened over the past year, in case anyone brings up the topic.

The departure of Rob Porter from the White House staff

Once upon a time I knew a worker at Halliburton whose last name was Koch. Everybody I knew in his work group called him ‘Cook’ except for one guy who call him “Cock”.: but only behind his back. I was unaware of the Wichita pronunciation until more recently. Who said working at Halliburton can’t bring back memories? Michael Sean Winters, a columnist for the National Catholic Reporter (a lay run — no diocesan oversight — weekly) has a particular disgust with the Wichita brothers. I link to one of his columns for one such indication in the 2nd to last paragraph. That last paragraph makes a point that chain migration might be beneficial to the poorest of immigrants.Grand parents can be good babysitters.

Links for the Informed Catholic Democrat

Again from Winters, this time hs Feb. 8th column a delightful suggestion for Democrats wanting to put a face on immigrants. I’ll bet if the party looked, we might find a few more clerics and religious,, from several faiths, to help the visual along.
In the case of Fr. Felipe Gonzalez (below) his parents left Medellin, Columbia when he was five, trying to escape the notorious drug/cartel environs, and voluntarily returned when their applications for citizenship were rejected, as Columbia is not a country hostile to the U.Sl.

. “From the Tampa Bay News, a profile of Fr. Felipe Gonzalez, a priest of the St. Petersburg Diocese who happens to be a “dreamer” (recipient of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals). If Democrats were smart, which is increasingly a big if, they would make Fr. Gonzalez the face of the immigration debate and watch the pro-religion party tie itself in knots! (h/t to Rocco)”

The ‘Dreamer’ who grew up to be a priest: ‘I pray and hope … we will get through this’