“Don’t call them names. You can catch more flies with honey than vinegar.” I receive a lot of advice. But, if our president – a spoiled brat with waning mental faculties, who thinks anything he wants is, therefore, good and true – has bespoken more than 6,000 lies since taking office (roughly 10 per day), he most certainly is the Liar-in-Chief.

Should uncritical followers who endorse these lies be given a pass for their gullibility or complicity? The president supports racism and racists and spouts hatred on a daily basis. One feels a certain duty in pointing out that all who endorse him are also supporting this ignorance and evil to the detriment of our country. Our president brags about sexual assaults, attacks women for their appearance and pays off other women for their silence about his extra-marital affairs. He is the Misogynist-in-Chief. If Sen. Lindsey Graham promises “All Holy Hell” if the president fires Jeff Session and then backtracks and crawfishes and whimpers, is he not the Cowardly Liar?

The Irreligious Right wraps itself in a mantle of church attendance as if that somehow justifies its support of racists and misogynists. Of course, God’s Own Party seem to take that designation seriously, especially those kooks who would replace our republic with a theocracy.

Greed’s Own Party sacrifices scientific truths – and the health and well-being of us and our heirs – on the altar of short-term profits. The “smell of money” argument stinks in comparison to the degraded and shortened lives that are left in its wake. And left behind they certainly will be – as Duncan, Oklahoma, knows so well – when the exploiters pull up stakes. When Oklahoma’s U.S. Senators put polluted petro profits ahead of protecting people and the environment by denying mounds of scientific evidence detailing global climate change and continue to spout lies and disinformation, they are truly Apostles of Ignorance.

Speaking of profits, I don’t see much profit in lauding Grifters On Parade Oklahoma legislative lackeys for crowding the corporate donation trough at the expense of the rest of us. The carte blanche treatment they have given the oil industry has driven our state toward destruction. Their call for “smaller government” merely means an elimination of well-conceived regulations designed to protect us from the robber baron they adore. This Gang Of Pilferers wants to make government so inefficient that they can justify privatizing public services for profit for their pals – and themselves. They deserve no free passes for plundering the public coffers.

People should be held accountable for their actions. Mealy-mouthing about these atrocities becomes as despicable as the indecencies Republicans would prefer to keep out of the conversation.

Who wants to catch flies anyhow? Actually, the president’s rotting putrescence of lies and filth seems to be much more effective than honey.

(Gary Edmondson is chair of the Stephens County Democratic Party. Check it out at scdpok.us)

Identity politics of another kind

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