It is time to stop laughing at Donald Trump.

          Sure, the constant reminder of his mental decline offers momentary delight as righteous payback to his egotistical, bigoted, bullying ways.

          • In signing up for the New Hampshire primary in October, the four-time indicted, self-proclaimed “stable genius” told supporters, “We did nothing wrong….I  was never indicted. You practically never heard the word.”

          • He also claimed to be first person to equate “U.S.” with “us.” Uh-huh, the guy who keeps bragging about acing the dementia test my parents passed in their nineties at assisted living had an epiphany. “You know, when you think about it, us equals U.S. Now if we say something genius, they will never say it.” (He probably believes this.)

          • In January he confused Republican primary opponent Nikki Haley with former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi in trying to shift the blame for his attempted coup, which he later admitted was an insurrection. (Are you listening Supreme Court?)

          • His rambling, unhinged funeral remarks last year included claiming that he had not met a woman who has appeared with him multiple times at rallies.

          • On Friday night, he told an NRA meeting in Pennsylvania: “If I wasn’t here I’d be having a nice Saturday afternoon.”

          • Also last week, the former president intoned, “Look at even things like supply change. Things we never even heard about, you never heard that term,” Trump said.

          Well, we never heard “that term” because the term is “supply chain,” which we heard repeatedly beginning with Trump’s mishandling of the pandemic. Supply chain interruptions fostered product shortages – and green-lighted corporate greedheads to new heights of price gouging.

          But, while Trump’s daily gaffes produce constant fodder for late night comics, we need to stop laughing at this blowhard’s enfeebling mind. It is not kind, not generous, not “going high when others go low.”

          And, it also ignores the fact that his cultists don’t care about his lack of mental stability or mental ability. Unless the guys in the white coats show up, he will be running for president.

          Besides being crazy, he’s also crazy mean.

          Earlier this year, the guy who wants to be “dictator for a day” reposted an old clip detailing his viciousness: “If you (expletive deleted) around with us, if you do something bad to us, we are going to do things to you that have never been done before.”

          While the 2020 quote was originally about Iran, Trump had obviously updated its context.

          That is the closest thing to a campaign platform that he has produced.

          On trips to Europe, he (and his expert advisor daughter) were not received with the lavish praise his ego requires. So, Putin’s Puppet says that he will encourage Russian invasions of our allies.  

          Since LOSING the presidency, Trump continues to lie about the 2020 election. He flies his fascist flag higher every day. His desire for a dictatorship and the punishment of political enemies shows an unhinged hatred of this country’s republican principles.

          And too many Republicans are complicit in this betrayal. A bi-partisan border deal? Then Trump could not complain about border problems he failed to fix himself. Kudos to Oklahoma’s own Sen. James Lankford for putting national security above slavish devotion in order to craft the agreement which Trump demanded his lackeys reject. They did.

          Raspberries to our House delegation which joined en masse the failed MAGA publicity stunt to impeach Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas for not protecting the southern border – for which they deny policy and funding. Not all Republicans are hypocrites. Our congressional representatives certainly are.

          Nothing matters to Republicans but The Will of Trump – a man with no policies, only hatred.

          The future of the American republic should now be at center stage in all election discussions. Following their leader, Republicans seem hell-bent on destroying everything this country has stood for since its inception. Saving the republic seems of paramount importance.

          Trump is a traitorous, misogynistic, fascistic, hate-mongering  bigot.  

          Biden has even been effective in turning around Trump’s soured economy.

          Trump promises a dictatorship. Why people do not believe him when he says so is mind-boggling. Maybe they are tired of self-rule. Populists are said to look for easy solutions to hard problems. I guess the easiest of all is to forfeit your decision-making to someone else.

          ‘Tain’t funny McGee!

            (Gary Edmondson is chair of the Stephens County Democratic Party.)

Stop laughing at Donald Trump

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