In times of global strife and conflict, particularly in the heart-wrenching situation unfolding in Gaza and Palestine, our principles as Democrats and humanitarians are tested. This letter is an earnest attempt to articulate my stance on this issue — a stance shaped by both empathy and a commitment to factual understanding.

First and foremost, it is crucial to acknowledge the suffering that pervades both sides of this conflict. The loss of innocent lives, including children, is a tragedy that deeply affects us all, irrespective of our backgrounds. While I may not have experienced such profound agony personally, I stand in solidarity with those who endure this pain and loss. This conflict is not black and white; it involves layers of historical, political, and socio-cultural complexities that defy simple solutions or narratives.

As members of the Oklahoma Democratic Party, and more broadly as citizens engaged in the democratic process, it is essential to approach such global issues with a balanced perspective. Our reactions should be rooted in a comprehensive understanding of the facts, avoiding the pitfalls of emotionally charged rhetoric that often oversimplifies and polarizes, thus my delayed response.

In this context, I also want to address our political landscape and the upcoming elections. While it is easy to become disillusioned with politics, especially in light of such international crises, our democratic duty remains crucial. Our choices in the voting booth have profound implications, not just domestically, but also in how America engages with the world.

My continued support for the Biden administration isn’t taken lightly. My reasons extend beyond the very real threat that is Donald Trump.  President Joe Biden has demonstrated the capacity for evolution in thought and policy. The president ran as a moderate. Arguably, he has presided over the most progressive administration since Lyndon B. Johnson. This evolution came as the president was presented with new information and heeded the counsel of colleagues and advisors. Though the war in Gaza has lasted longer and has become more gruesome than is tolerable, we have watched as the president has moved further and further away from Prime Minister Netanyahu.

It is imperative to acknowledge the actions of Prime Minister Netanyahu and the historic agreements that must be negotiated. When the loss of civilian life overshadows the stated objectives of any operation, it is a clear indicator that the Biden administration must reassess and take a firmer stance. In this light, I urge the President to adopt a more definitive position in demanding that Israel refrains from actions that are war crimes or violations of international humanitarian laws.

As we navigate these troubled waters, let us do so with an open heart and an informed mind. Let us not shy away from difficult conversations, nor allow our disillusionment with certain aspects of politics to deter us from our democratic responsibilities. Our engagement and choices in the political arena have the power to influence not just our immediate environment but the global stage as well.

I implore all of us to continue our pursuit of justice and peace, both locally and globally, with the wisdom and compassion that define us as Democrats.


Alicia Andrews, Chair

Oklahoma Democratic Party


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