Is it like CRT in which some govt laws sand some govt policies and some prejudices make it had for black and Latino persons to keep up?

I expect the answer is yes, the system is rigged.

The bargaining power of employers is strong and of individual workers weak. And predatory capitalism keeps unions weak.

It is an interesting side thought that Mussolini began his adult career as a union leader there in Italy. His union adopted this fasces, bundle of sticks around an ax, symbol. From that came the label fascist. The same symbol is on the Mercury dime.

Back in 1960, when we got our in depth 

political news from Time and News Week, JFK and Humphrey we contesting in primaries for the nomination for POTUS. A crucial contest was West Virginia.

Both made an impression on West Virginia and West Virginia laid an impression on them. That impression was: Lots of poverty going on in West Virginia.,Election over. Dems firmly in power in DC. 

Later (1961). Let us do something  to help those citizens of West Virginia. How about a bus ticket to…? No, they don’t want to go. How about bring jobs to WV? How about some federal money to lure manufacturing and assembly plants to WV?  

And all states with Appalachian mountains (New York to Alabama)? Log rolling to create the Appalachian Regional Commission, a state federal partnership,  and the Area Redevelopment Administration. 

The ARA and the commission are to use money to lure federal money to lure manufacturing and assembly plants to Appalachia with giving the owners cash. Lower plant construction costs by preparing building sites, low interest loans and industrial arts training, e,g Vo-Tech schools.

Later (1965). LBJ doubles down. Goes nation wide. ARA becomes the Economic Development Administration. State-Federal commissions all over. Oklahoma’s is Ozarks Regional Commission. 

Local impact. Carpet mill in Anadarko, auto shock absorber plant in Chickasha, mobile home factory in Waurika, auto part factory in Frederick.  Money for water line to industrial park north of Duncan plus water storage tower, then street paving, water distribution and sewage collection and treatment. Similar project in Chickasha. Money for sewer line to tire plant in Lawton. Money for Vo-Tech school upgrade in Frederick and Duncan. A water storage towers in Wayne and Waurika.

Later (1990). A new dog to hunt with. North American Free Trade Agreement. NAFTA sounded like new markets for USA goods and services. Ross P. heard a great sucking sound. 

That sucking sound was the mobile home factory and the shock absorber plant being sucked to Mexico. Hangars cut and sew to the Caribbean. 

Free trade, we love it. Let us have trade agreements to move TV and all electronic assembly out of the USA. And semi-conductor fabrication as well. Let us assemble iPhones in China. 

Free trade lowers the cost of things Americans want to buy at Walmart. 

Free trade destroys USA jobs. Free trade is a trade-off.

We now have a POTUS who has noticed this trade-off has caused harm to parts if the USA and the residents of those parts. Also made the USA vulnerable to supply chain shocks. 

What to do? 

Upgrade those public works that Elizabeth Warren speaks of, that are necessary for successful business operation. 

Go protectionist on fabrication of semi-conductors and other stuff that we must have in dependable supply to keep our nation and its economy humming.

Give a tinkers dam about the impacts of federal policies on those who have or want jobs.

 Curtail indifferent federalism.

Jim Holland

Predatory capitalism. How does that work?

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