Has something to do with the back of a Mercury dime. And that symbol points toward e plurbis unum. 

The blow back and suppression of climate change research findings is about making money. Just normal Republican business. Persons whose income would be curtailed  by reduced CO2 emissions are the drivers of denial of climate change research findings and measures to reduce same.

A marketing hook has transformed their fight against climate change mitigation into political resource. That hook is higher prices for energy.  The research justifies/mandates mitigation measures, so that research must be wrong.

Fun fact. The cold snap that drove a Texas Senator to Cancun is making Texas a leader in renewable energy sources. 

Texas is leading the nation in battery storage  of electricity for use in peak demand times. Having now 1/3 of all  such batteries in the USA. And, the state has plans to more than double what they now have.

Growing along with the battery storage capacity is wind and solar energy capture in Texas. 

I know this is true as I read it in the Washington Post.

Jim Holland

I have yet to get comfortable with the label facist.

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