Do you recall the good old days when the leaders of the Republican Party were pro-business, when their lobbies were the National Association of Manufacturers and the Chamber of Commerce?

When they complained about government red tape and the assault on private enterprise?

When every progressive initiative was labeled “bolshevik” or “fascist?”

When the Democrats had to curtail their programs to not disturb existing status structures. When Social Security and minimum wage laws excluded domestic and farm workers? When sharecroppers’ existing employment disqualified them from WPA jobs?

When “hate” was described as fear and loathing and was confined to “race, creed color, or national origin?” Not yet expanded to encompass LBQT and beyond to LBQTIA+?”

(Now, I and A stand for what? Also,I am not certain about Q)

When CRT wasn’t a thing? And when Republican speech makers didn’t speak in letter clusters (like CRT) of matters from which school children must be protected? 

When we were concerned that students were not learning the 3Rs—being left behind? When we were not concerned that those same non-performing teachers were making children feel badly by speaking of sins of their (the children’s) fathers  or their grandfathers or their great grandfathers?

Jim Holland

Remember when…

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