—It is from the same bag of tricks as the race card—can be fitted to anything.

Higher minimum wage causes greater unemployment.

Welfare payments cause dependency.

There is an element of truth in both claims; however,

They never kept union members from asking for higher wages.

They never kept manufactures from asking for higher protective  tariffs.

Do low earners lobby against increasing the minimum wage?

Do those in need of welfare reject the assistance?

No, they do not. Republicans must act preemptively to save those in need.

So we have seen that card played during the COVOID pandemic.

When the pandemic started the threat to the growth of the national economy was immediately recognized. And as a robust national economy was the primary selling point for reelection, this threat couldn’t be allowed to develop.

How to get that done?

Play the remedy is worse than the problem 

A. It is just a serious flu.

B. It is being pumped up to make Trump look bad.

C. Masks don’t work.

D. Mandatory masks are freedom killers.

E. The vaccines are not to be trusted—this one is being recalled.

F.  Shut downs will kill the economy.(as if 3 million deaths and 10 million hospitalization wouldn’t)

Yes, the ACA has been a job killer.

Yes, the bailouts during the Great Recession broke the treasury and caused runaway inflation,

 Yes, the Medicaid Expansions will drive state budgets into bankruptcy.

Yes, letting so many vote has made elections crooked.

Yes, all if Biden’s proposal are worse than doing nothing.

Jim Holland

The proposed remedy is worse than the problem

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