The recent publication of his niece’s book and the mid-July interview with Chris Wallace of Fox Faux News have shown us Donald Trump as “a self-pitying man who is shattering the nation and doesn’t even care,” according to The Atlantic’s Peter Wehner.

            President Trump, poor baby, complains that the media is mean to him because its members point out his constant contradictions and refute his often deadly lies. So much for being a tough New York businessman. He continually reveals himself to be a whiny, pouting brat.

          “Donald Trump is a psychologically broken, embittered, and deeply unhappy man,” Wehner writes. “He is so gripped by his grievances, such a prisoner of his resentments, that even the most benevolent question from an interviewer—what good parts of your presidency would you like to be remembered for?—triggered a gusher of discontent.”

          Trump exercises his free speech right to insult, demean and encourage stochastic terrorism against any who offend him. He “can’t handle the truth,” to which he appears allergic, but he also can’t handle criticism.

          On June 18, Paula Reid of CBS News asked him a reasonable, question in reference to the Twit-in-Chief’s disparaging tweets about former national security advisor John Bolton, whom, Huffington Post reports, “he called a ‘wacko,’ a ‘dope,’  ‘incompetent’ and a ‘disgruntled boring fool,’ among other epithets.”

          Since such disparagements are typical Trump-speak for those who leave his administration, Reid asked him, “Why do you keep hiring people that you believe are wackos and liars?”

          He did not answer.

          So, how would he react if news folks started asking questions on the order of the accusations and vitriol that he spews? Well, not quite. Responsible journalistic standards prevent questions in the true Trumpian vein.

            Do you still have your dad’s KKK regalia? Do you ever parade around in it?

          What exactly is on the Russian tapes that make you Putin’s pawn in his attempt to destroy the United States?

          Or do you just hate our country because it provides opportunities for those not born into wealth to get richer than incompetent heirs?

          How does it feel being married to an anchor daughter, whose presence in the U.S. allowed unproductive relatives into the country?

          Who did you bribe to get a class D model declared a genius on her visa forms? How much?

          Is your Slovenian Slavic wife your handler for the Russian Slav Vladimir Putin?

          You said of accused child molester and pimp Ghislaine Maxwell “I’ve met her numerous times over the years,…I wish her well.” How many “dates” did she arrange for you?

          How about a ballpark estimate on the number of contractors and businesses you stiffed on your way to multiple bankruptcies?

          Could we see the x-rays of your bone spurs – and the corresponding x-rays of your heels after they miraculously healed?

          Why do you want protection from rising ocean waters at your resorts while denying the effects of climate change?

          What is the cause of your growing incoherence that makes your doctor think a cognitive test necessary?

          Could you publicly take daily doses for about a week of the anti-malarial drug that you keep touting – and in which you have a monetary investment?

          Which cheeseburger – Big Mac, Whopper, Jumbo Jack – did you take with you when you fled to your bunker to avoid seeing the peaceful protesters your bigotry brought into the streets? How many? Fries or onion rings?

          Are you still cheating at golf?

          Silencing settlements aside, what is the going rate to get “dates” with a porn star?     

          When are you going to add a big red nose to your orange-painted clown face?

          Would you see your favorite daughter and your grandchildren off in the boxcar on their way to the gas chambers where many of your anti-Semitic followers would gladly ship them?

          Since Putin won’t need your lapdog services any longer, where will you seek asylum once you leave office to dodge the criminal charges stemming from your presidency?

          (Gary Edmondson is chair of the Stephens County Democratic Party: or

If we treated Trump like he treats others

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