Is it time for Perez to go away? Fade away into the sunset? Would things have played out differently for Oklahoma if the DNC had had other leadership for this election? Granted, Dem turnout was nothing short of miraculous compared to 2016, but why is it still so difficult to be a Dem in Oklahoma? What are we afraid of? What is the route to take to get this once-blue state back to what it is supposed to be? What can we do to end the fear campaign of the Republicans? How do we take back our churches and make the pulpit into what God expects it to be rather than the platform of the right-wing evangelicals who have twisted and warped Christianity and the Bible into a tool for their charlatans and con artists?
Hey Guys,
The original Peerless Leader was Frank Chance, manager of the Cubs in the early 1900’s (Tinkers to Evers to Chance). Their winning records for one season, two seasons, etc. up to 10 seasons are the best ever compiled.
Attached is a link to an interview with DNC Chair Tom Perez. His peerlessness does not denote excellence but cowardice. The leader of  our party can’t call Trump a “racist”? Mealy-mouthing to a whole new low.
Oh, yeah. About the only “news” posted on the state party website are releases from Perez.
Our Peerless Leader???

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