Stephens County Democrats

Gary Edmondson / Chair

Sept. 13, 2018

            “It is only those that are not in action, that feel languor and heaviness, and the best way to rub it off is to turn out and make sure work of it.” –Thomas Paine, 1777

1. Call to Order.

2. Minutes: About a dozen of us met July 12. June minutes were approved. Vice Chair Beverly Merchant reported a balance of $519.66 in the party coffers. She noted an exchange of $75 in and $75 out to pay for the party’s booth at the Stephens County Fair. Jim Holland moved and Derrick Miller seconded the motion to authorize the vice chair to spend up to $300 for the purchase of 25 signs announcing our party meeting dates. The motion passed. Because of the County Fair, we opted to eschew an official August meeting. Participants contributed the best times they would be available for the staffing of the fair booth.

3. Vice Chair Beverly Merchant

A. Treasurer’s Reports

B. Report on meeting sign costs — availabities

4. Chair Report

A. County Fair report: good attendance, bad location. Thanks for the help + Jason Smith. More planning next year: attraction needed: pin the tail on the jackass; magnetic dart board of Trump criminalities; small prizes, big prize; candy, balloons; emphasize education, economy, environment, honesty.

B. No help from State – fair packet never arrived; poverty? Unresponsiveness.

C. Campaign signs available: Edmondson, McCray, Brannon, Graham

D. Homepage heroics

E. State questions on the ballot

F. Resolutions for Feb/March

G. Voter registration: last day Oct. 12. One at the fair.

H. Raising Funds / Local First

I. State Convention: Friday May 31, 2019 training & meetings; Sat. 6-1-19, Reports, Constitution & Bylaws, Amendments and Resolutions, Carl Albert Dinner; Sunday 6-2-19 Officer Elections. Bid process and Decentralizing. I object.

J.   Butch Graham Calf-fry Campaign Kick-off.

5New Business


B. Other

6. Open Forum

7. Adjournment

Agenda for Thursday, Sept 13, 2018

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