Stephens County Democratic Party Chair Gary Edmondson said Wednesday that he was encouraged by the turnout and results in Tuesday’s Primary.

“We had some good candidates facing each other in a most civil fashion, no mud-slinging involved. They discussed the issues while expressing their desires for transparent government representing all Oklahomans and not just the oil industry, the privatizing privateers and check-book-toting lobbyists. I congratulate those who won and look forward to hearing more from those facing run-offs.

“It was heartening to see statewide voters reject the fear-mongering lies spread by opponents of SQ 788 with their ad campaign barrage. Well-regulated medical marijuana – which is what was passed – will curb a lot of hurting for some of our neighbors and should cut into the opioid epidemic that is so costly in lives and finances.

“I hope the voters remember those liars come November. They voted against the propaganda Tuesday. Now it’s time to vote against the propagandists.”

Speaking of upcoming run-offs, Edmondson said:

“I have heard both Ashley Nicole McCray and Blake Cummings promise to make sure the Corporation Commission works for the citizenry and not oil and gas industry profits. Ms. McCray nearly won the nomination outright with 49 percent of the vote, but you never know about run-offs, especially with such qualified candidates.”

He was even hopeful in assessing Democratic chances in the Fourth Congressional District, where the winner of the Mary Brannon/Fred Gipson run-off will face incumbent Tom Cole.

“About 85,000 people voted in the GOP race, and we had just under 75,000 in our primary. When you factor in that nearly 30,000 Republicans expressed their disenchantment with Cole, the playing field levels out a bit more.

“As with most elections, it will come down to voter turnout. Turns out a lot of Oklahomans are thinking for themselves these days.”

Local Democratic Primary Reaction

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