Letter to Gary Edmondson, local Democrats;

I missed the local meeting last night. Missed Todd Lamb’s spiel as well.

But I did come up with something.

Steve Fair had a curious column in Wednesday’s Duncan Banner. Something about pure democracy being nothing but “mob rule”. I don’t know why he takes to trying to make the point when hs views seem to be fairly widespread, but it reminded me of an earlier post I’d made. A review of a book, “Democracy in Chains” and the book itself. After reading Michael Sean Winters reviews (2 parts), I got the book, skimmed it, read several other, far less praiseworthy, reviews, then offered the book to the Duncan Public Library. I think it made it to the $1 shelf upstairs room.

The book was fiercely attacked in conservative media, as it contended that a secret coordinated effort to take over discussion and legal presentation of economics by followers of “Austrian School of Economics” While the reviews were strident, they generally don’t attack the central thesis of the book, that there was a concerted, intentionally secret effort to take control of law school presentation of liberty as defined by the group. And that Charles Koch was behind it.

Incidentally, Winter’s reviews are obviously from a lay Catholic periodical, the National Catholic Reporter. It is somewhat known that Catholic popes in the 1880’s and again in the early 1900’ specifically condemned overt socialism theories, What is less well known is that Pope Pius XI specifically rejected in an encyclical in 1930’s “the poisoned spring of Austrian economics” .

So I offer Winters review, attached. and offer to purchase another copy of “Democracy in Chains” for the library, if there is interest.

Joe Murphey

Joe Murphey’s take on Steve {F}Air’s column this week

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